Implications of Industry 4.0 for geospatial professionals
  Technological disrupters are increasingly commonplace and geospatial professionals need to be alert to developmen
Electrical loggers to reduce energy costs
  One of the most significant costs at industrial facilities is energy. While many managers view energy as an unavo
MESA SIG – The Power of Data
  A MESA Africa Special Interest Group willl be held on Wednesday 28 June 2017  from 12:30 to 15:00 on “The
Diversify your business with electric fencing
  The ECA(SA) is proud to announce that we have gained capacity to help you diversify your service offering with el
Producing industrial hydrogen from renewable energy
  Producing hydrogen requires a large amount of energy which is usually generated from carbon-emitting technologies
Data struggle should focus on poor
  South Africa’s social media blackout protest yesterday, while falling flat, could highlight the struggle of
Real-life work experience at PE TVET College
  The South African economy is characterised by shortages of high-skilled jobs and high levels of unemployment for
Eskom board appoints acting CEO
  Eskom has announced the appointment of Johnny Dladla as Acting Group Chief Executive with immediate effect. Dlad
Renewable energy for baseload power
  Existing renewable energy sources are seen by many as being unsuitable for baseload generation. This article desc
Contractual report presented to the National Executive Committee
  Herman Kriel of Brand SA , chairman of the ECA(SA)’s Contractual Committee, presented his report to the Nationa

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