Secure and fast communication of 3D CAD data
Kisters’ 3DViewStation allows secure and fast communication of various file types, from large 3D CAD data and 2D techn
Airborne lidar for mountain and forestry surveys
Asia Air Survey in Japan has taken delivery of a Teledyne Optech ALTM Galaxy T1000 for use in their forest resource mana
Nerd academy programme launches in the Karoo
A “nerd alert” has been issued by the Karoo Tech Hub, an initiative run by video production company in co
Digital identity: Defining ourselves in a virtual world
We’re bringing information and devices online at an unprecedented rate, raising one of the fundamental questions of ou
Add-in connects reality capture to BIM models
NavVis, a mobile indoor mapping, visualisation, and navigation company has announced a new add-in for Autodesk Revit. Th
Gadgets4Geeks – May 2018
Upright 4k projector The high-end LG CineBeam Laser 4K projector is portable and has an upright design made possible by
The career path of the electrical construction operator
There are three categories of labour, known as electrical construction operator (Elconop) defined in the Main Collective
The risk posed by illegal, unsafe electrical products
It is a sad reality that in South Africa there are millions of sub-standard, unsafe electrical products on offer and, in
Eskom to announce coal recovery plan to address imbalance in coal stock levels
The challenge of coal stock levels below the required target of 20 days at seven of Eskom’s power stations is not
ECA amendment bill “void for vagueness”
Commenting on the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) amendment bill at a recent media briefing, Raymond Louw, executive