@Leirsure: Dragons & Damsels
I always thought that dragonflies are the males and damselflies the females. As Cicero said: “I am not ashamed to conf
Drone company grows
With the African drone industry growing at a rapid rate and showing no indication of slowing down any time soon, Rocketm
Platform for user-created immersive and VR tours
Concept3D’s new Tour Builder platform allows anyone to create, manage and share their own VR-enabled virtual tours. Us
Updated specification for accessing remotely-sensed data
Radiant.Earth, a non-profit organisation committed to aggregating the world’s open Earth imagery and providing access
Educational licenses of data visualisation software
Golden Software, a developer of software for scientific data visualisation and analysis, has introduced a new unlimited
Improved capabilities streamline cartography
Avenza Systems, producers of the Avenza Maps app for mobile devices and geospatial plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud, in
4D construction modelling of sport stadium
Bentley Systems presented Synchro, a 4D construction modelling solution at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s annual partn
Geospatial firm empowers indigenous groups
Global geospatial firm AAM Group has entered a professional and mutually supportive relationship with Sydney-based Wumar
GIS software celebrates 35-years of development
The year marks 35 years of GRASS GIS development. Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) is a free and ope
Brickmaker publishes BIM content
Brickmaker Corobrik, aware of the need for BIM (building information modelling) content, has introduced BIM content that