The impact of LNG in sub-Saharan Africa
  Over the last 30 years, the demand for gas as a substitute for coal and oil as an energy source has increased. 
Fingerprint biometrics – dispelling the misconceptions
  There is today no doubt that going the biometric route is the only way to verify that the person who presents the
Safety enhancements with CCTV
  Advanced closed circuit television (CCTV) systems can increase safety for businesses by by monitoring and recording
IR thermometer for harsh environments
Fluke, represented locally by Comtest, has launched the Fluke 64 MAX IR thermometer with internal memory, unattended mon
Luminaires for shop lighting
Lighting is a critical element in branding and positioning product, and the overall lighting effect must complement th
Solutions for a connected world
  Adroit Technologies’ technology evening held at the company’s premises on 17 May 2017 provided the au
Cloud-based P2MP link planning service launched
  InfiNet Wireless, known for its fixed broadband wireless connectivity, has introduced a new cloud-based point-to
Scalable RF test solution
  Viavi Solutions has announced the launch of CPRIAdvisor, which will allow mobile service providers to remotely mo
Antennas for the mining industry
  Poynting innovates, designs and manufactures integrated antenna solutions primarily for wireless high speed data
Telecoms developments in Africa – May 2017
  Fibre network upgrade Internet Solutions Kenya has selected Telco Systems to upgrade its entire fibre network inf

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