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Usability and safety studies of in-car communication

by Hans van de Groenendaal, EngineerIT The Department of Computer Sciences at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth is well-known for its work in the field of usability studies. Currently one of its students, Patrick Tchankue Sielinou, is working on a project to design and evaluate an adaptive multimodal in-car communication system (ICCS). […]

ECA(SA) 60th anniversary address

by Mark Mfikoe, elected ECA president in November 2010 A special word of thanks to all the sponsors of this event, all the past presidents, current and past members of staff, members of the association and the director general of the Department of Energy. We are honoured by your presence. This association was built by […]

UCT promoting renewable energy in high schools

The UCT IEEE Student Branch Projects Committee has successfully concluded its 2010 EPICS-High project. The project closing ceremony was held on 2 December 2010 and attracted regional and national media attention. The project saw the installation of a hybrid (wind and solar) renewable energy supply at Oaklands High School, Lansdowne. The latter installation was purchased […]

Cloud services via satellite

In remote rural areas of South Africa and generally throughout many countries across the continent, lack of infrastructure and the vast capital investment needed remains an obstacle to the rapid adoption of the internet. Satellite connections using VSAT technology have played an important role in offering connections in remote locations but the problem has always […]

EE Publishers citizen journalism article submissions

EE Publishers actively encourages the submission of civic minded articles, news, pictures and audio/video clips from its readers and the general public for consideration for publishing in its magazines, email newsletters and website, under the category of Citizen Journalism. Backqround and subject matter for EE Publishers Citizen Journalism  EE Publishers editorial policy Press Code Please complete […]

Fibre-optic cables

Residents in the Cape Province’s Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Paarl and Wellington are, by now, used to the digging of narrow trenches and laying down of brightly coloured blue plastic “tubing” in their roads. This is the first roll-out of Vodacom Business’s fibre-optic network in the area. The current network consists of 23 km of cable […]

Motor start solution

Impact Energy announce the addition to the Elspec power quality solution range, of the Equalizer-ST, a more cost effective solution than variable speed drives or variable frequency drives. A motor start demands very high reactive power for a relatively short period of time. This demand creates typical reactive currents of 6 – 7 times the […]

Highveld Region report

The year under review did live up to the expectations of some but not of others. A number of members complained about the lack of sustainable contracts. The market for the small contractor was definitely the hardest hit. A major problem remains the payment for work done. Unfortunately this problem is sometimes self-inflicted as some […]

Multimeter with energy monitoring capability

Metrahit Energy’s range of professional multimeters exceeds all previous performance limits. All important power factors can be acquired with simultaneous current and voltage measurement. The momentary measured value, for example active power along with the corresponding voltage and current values, as well as alternating voltage frequency or power factors appear at the extended triple display. […]

Factory automation

Information from Lapp Kabel Selecting the best data transfer system for a modern process plant is a complex and demanding exercise. Factory automation is one of the most common applications where industrial Ethernet is utilised to establish a reliable network communication between the control room and the factory floor. With the development of industrial Ethernet […]