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Dynamic compensation for AC arc furnaces

by Piet Swart, Mechanaut Systems and Fred Greyling, GLPS AC arc furnaces rate among the highest contributors towards power quality issues in any power network. Not only are their loads rich in harmonic currents but the very variable nature of the current and current waveform make them one of the most difficult types of loads […]

SOHO UPS with small carbon footprint

Economically designed, the ECO series UPS is manufactured to have a small carbon footprint. It is said to be an excellent option for a small office or home environment where users want environmentally-friendly and highly reliable protection, at the right price. Features include wide input voltage window; small carbon footprint; boost and buck AVR; compatibility […]

Simplify in text analysis and information discovery

Manually wading through document archives to answer questions is slow and costly. Yet within these unstructured, textual data archives, potential treasure awaits from valuable insights on customer activity to improved operations and more. New SAS Industry Taxonomy Rules starter kits improve the time to value from the automatic classification of unstructured, textual data and from […]

On patrol with the luminescence inspector

Swedish automotive supplier Metallfabriken Ljunghäll AB had to detect something transparent on a shiny surface when the location of the glue application was not clearly defined. For process and quality control reasons, it was essential to guarantee the presence of the application of transparent glue on components with a metal surface. Added to the adhesive are luminophores that […]

Partnership with local data security solutions provider

Global software security specialist, SentryBay, through its African distributor Romar Limited, has partnered with local data security solutions provider J2 Software, to expand its footprint in Africa. Under this partnership, SentryBay will provide its patented identity theft solutions to key partners, who will in turn offer access to large networks of customers and employees. These […]

Miniature fibre optic connector for radioactive environments

The Redel D is a miniature fibre optic connector, comprised of materials which are compatible with radioactive environments. Its low mass, push-pull terminating system, very low insertion loss for both multimode and singlemode fibres makes it an ideal choice for avionics use, in particle physics research and any data applications where confined space is an […]

Microcontrollers provide LED lighting functionality

Renesas Electronics has announced the availability of five 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), the RL78/I1A family, that implement in a single chip the LED control, power supply control, and communication functions required in LED lighting fixtures. The new MCUs adopt the RL78 CPU, which achieves both high computational performance and ultra low power consumption, and include from […]

Cloud services in contact centres

According to research results in the 2011 Contact Centre Benchmarketing Report recently released by Dimension Data, of the 546 contact centres surveyed in 62 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, the US and Middle East & Africa, IP telephony is now deployed in nearly 50% of contact centres. This, together with just on 14% of participants […]

Majority stake acquired in local Linux service provider

Internet Solutions (IS) recently announced it has acquired a majority stake in Synaq, a local managed Linux service provider, for an undisclosed sum. According to the company, the acquisition will help IS to address the growing need for managed communication services in the SME market, through the delivery of robust hosted Linux and open source […]

Improved switching with fast IGBTs create new challenges

by Stefan Schuler, Semikron, Germany Fast switching power semiconductors are needed to reduce dynamic power losses. A typical system consists of dozens of power semiconductors connected in parallel that switch several thousands of amps at DC link voltages in the kilovolt region. The resultant power losses are particularly challenging for application engineers, who strive to keep […]