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Western Cape

After the drop in employee numbers in the industry early this year due to retrenchments, the past months have seen a levelling of the number of employees registered with the Bargaining Council. Many employers are, however, working short time and the office is constantly receiving enquiries in this regard. In terms of the Bargaining Council […]

SESSA applauds DoE’s bidding process clarity

SESSA – the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa – has applauded the Department of Energy’s (DoE’s) efforts to clarify the bidding process that will be followed for its renewable energy independent power producer (IPP) programme. The programme, one of the largest single renewables procurement initiatives under way globally, calls for bids to supply the […]

Different types of UPSs

Information from PowerMan Since the load shedding that South Africa experienced in 2009 computer users have become more aware of the need for backup solutions. This applies now to home users as well as business users, but there is still no real understanding of backup solutions. Jonathan Palmer, Managing Director of PowerMan, said that users […]

Counterfeit products pose safety threat

Distribution, protection and control equipment company CBI-electric: low voltage has become aware of imitation branded products available in the market for purchase and distribution. The company has raised serious concerns about this situation, stating that, trade mark and patent infringement aside, these counterfeits entail a serious compromise in safety in terms of electrical protection. The […]

New metal hydride clusters for hydrogen storage

The most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen holds great promise as a source of clean, renewable energy, producing nothing but water as a byproduct and thus avoiding the environmental dangers associated with existing mainstream energy sources. Broad adoption of hydrogen, however, has stalled because in its natural gaseous state, the element simply takes up […]

80 years of battery manufacture

On 22 September 1931, the first dozen batteries produced in South Africa were delivered. Today, 80 years later, more than 2,2-million lead-acid batteries are manufactured annually, from automotive to agriculture, mining, standby power for mission critical operations, and more. Celebrating 80 years of batteries in South Africa, we look back at the history of the […]

Celebrating 10 years of performance

Tognum Group subsidiary, MTU South Africa, celebrates their ten year milestone, marking a journey of exceptional service and growth. The anniversary commemorates the success the company has achieved with the perseverance and dedication of staff over the past decade. Inception of the company started with a requirement from the South African government with an off-set […]

one day workshop

Some of our members have expressed concern about the Medium Term Risk Mitigation Plan for electricity supply that is linked to the IRP 2010. Concerns have also been expressed about the affordability of electricity as we move through this decade and the impact on the social and economic development of our country. Now, more than […]

$365-million renewable energy loan agreement

Eskom and the African Development Bank (AfDB) have signed two loan agreements for a total value of $365-million that will enable the first large-scale implementation of renewable wind and solar generation in Eskom’s history. The loans consist of $265-million from the AfDB’s own resources and $100-million from the resources of the Clean Technology Fund. The […]

Hans van de Groenendaal in conversation with Paolo Miglietta, ITB vice-president, Schneider Electric

In conversation with Paolo Miglietta, ITB vice-president Schneider Electric Over the past few months there has been much written about renewable energy, more efficient use of energy, sustainability and many similar buzz words. Perhaps the reality for us in South Africa is the fact that electricity is now expensive and this is starting to affect our […]