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A year of changes

by Mike Rycroft, editor This year has seen numerous changes and new developments in the power generation industry, some dramatic and others more subtle but just as important. The changes seem to be associated with changes in terminology, and new terms seem to be popping up as regularly as new developments in the industry. The […]

21st century enterprise information journey

by Neels van der Walt, Bytes Systems Integration Within the first decade of the 21st century, a number of prominent factors that stand out globally will impact and change how manufacturing concerns conduct their business if they want to stay competitive and in business. Please download pdf

New multi-function taping machine installed

Delba Electrical recently completed installation and commissioning of a new multi-function taping machine. With this machine, the company can manufacture multiple insulated conductors mainly used in the manufacture of K-rated power transformers. It also allows for multiple conductors to be insulated in only one process, thereby more than doubling the existing capacity of insulated copper […]

Better alternative for positioning applications

The Leuze AMS 300i has made a convincing impression in positioning applications throughout industry with its high level of accuracy and the variety of integrated interfaces with which it is compatible. The unit is used wherever position data of moving system components, such as in high-bay warehouses, is required. Most importantly, it is a cost […]

New blue line link stick

The new Blue line link stick, from Live Line Technology, has several unique patented features, enabling linesman to carry out their overhead line duties more easily. These units are manufactured in the  USA, and are available in lengths from 2 m – 15 m. These are the only 15 m link sticks available in South […]

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Sir Re: Mandatory membership/registration and action against illegal contractors As a contractor, I am held responsible when my National Bargaining Council registration is not up-to-date, yet it becomes more clear every day that the Department of Labour and the NBC seem less than eager to take action against illegal contractors. This […]

Developing a geo-data frame to facilitate data integration (Part 1)

by Gerbrand Mans, CSIR This article discusses the development of a disaggregation procedure for socio-economic data based on the principles of dasymetric mapping and areal interpolation in order to develop a flexible geo-data frame which allows the data to be assigned to different demarcations seamlessly. The geo-data frame is based on the Spot Building Count […]

Proximity sensing in robotic clamping applications

Information from Turck, USA Clamping applications often rely on sensors to detect whether the jaws or grippers are in the proper position –open or closed. Though other technologies can be used in place of sensors to determine the open/closed conditions, sensor implementation can increase reliability and obtain data that only a detection device very near […]

GIS Day with the DEA

Corné Eloff, Rudi Pretorius and Nicolene Fourie The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) celebrated GIS Day by hosting a seminar at the SANBI Education Centre in Pretoria on 16 November 2011. Dr. Rudi Pretorius (DEA-GIS) welcomed the 120 delegates who were then exposed to talks by Marius Burger and Chenay Simms (Esri South Africa) on […]

Software ensures successful mine shaft rehabilitation

Martin Allerston and Hein Maree Bentley Systems held a “Mining and Process Manufacturing Collaboration 2011” seminar last year to highlight their integrated software solutions. The keynote address focused on the refurbishment of the Savuka mine shaft following a seismic event in 2009 which severely damaged the shaft and burst underground dams resulting in the flooding […]