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The SA electrical contracting industry has seen numerous developments during the course of last year, but 2011 will in all probablility be remembered for electrical distributor Voltex’s appointment by the Electrical Contracting Board (ECB) to register electrical contractors and to issue CoCs. This, the industry felt, would create unfair competition and the involvement of the […]

Harchris deploy furnace first in South Africa

Harchris has recently completed the rebuild and commissioning of its Number 10 Pit Furnace, improvements that mean that the company now sports the first furnace with recuperative burners and ultra low NOx emissions in South Africa. The project was completed in record time as a result of the collective effort between Hotwork Combustion Technology in […]

Android app for terminal emulator

SENA BTerm is a VT-100 terminal emulator running on Android devices, enabling these devices to connect to SENA Parani products which support serial port profile (SPP) to exchange data. It can connect to the remote device as a Bluetooth master or Bluetooth slave. SENA BTerm manages and controls the SENA Parani products of the local […]

Novel wooden pole repair method

An innovative method of repairing wooden poles used on power routes, as an alternative to replacement, has been observed in the Kya Sands area in Gauteng. A source, who has been following this development closely, reports that the poles, supporting a transformer, were damaged and an initial attempt was made to shore them up using […]

LTE ecosystem for African telcos

Multisource has partnered with Samsung to offer end to end long term evolution (LTE) ecosystems to African telcos, providing cellular wireless solutions based on the orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA)technology. LTE and WiMAX are essentially part of the same OFDMA technology family. Samsung has developed a software defined radio which allows operators to run […]

Convergence driving business expectations

Technological convergence – initially confined to the integration of voice, video and data communications onto a single IP network – is said to have entered a new era with the coming of age of fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), according to MWeb Business, and is having a profound impact on business operations and expectations. FMC is the […]

Power stations in a box

Master Power Technologies, is pioneering the development of “power stations in a box” to meet the power supply needs of mining operations in remote locations where no conventional power distribution systems are in place. Diesel generators rated at 6,4 MVA are housed in unique “Power pods” to form the basic building block of the mobile […]

Next generation of digitally controlled medical power supplies

TDK-Lambda UK has introduced its next generation of digitally controlled, AC-DC medical power supplies – the single output CFE400M, which is available in convection and fan cooled versions. Combining a 4 kV AC reinforced input-to-output isolation with dual fusing and an output-to-ground isolation of 1500 V AC, the CFE400M meets IEN/EN/UL/CSA 60601-1 Ed 2 & […]

T&M conference 2012

The National Laboratory Assopciation has reported a successful and productive 2011, with the following highlights: Membership: a number of new members joined during 2011 and the total membership has now grown to around 160 member organisations. The target for 2012 is 200 and the NLA is confident that this can be achieved given the success […]

ECA(SA) Western Cape regional director

2011 has been another challenging year as members continue to battle the downturn in the economy. Following the vast number of retrenchments experienced during 2010, it is pleasing to note that the figure of 3200 scheduled employees registered with the Regional Bargaining Council has remained fairly constant throughout the year. Short time, however, remains a […]