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New thermal imaging camera with fast image processing and storage

The FLIR T400-Series offers a good performance at an affordable price. Excellent ergonomics and easy communication makes the FLIR T400-Series a truly user-friendly camera for the beginner and advanced user. The FLIR T400-Series is equipped with extensive communication possibilities including Wi-Fi and MeterLink (Bluetooth). The latest technology integrated in the camera allows for fast image […]

Integrated automated emissions monitoring system

Emirak 1 from Signal Group, is an extractive multigas analyser system for continuous emission monitoring. It is normally used to measure the concentration of SOx, NOx, CO2 and other components in the flue gas of large combustion processes, incinerators and other processes when it is required by legislation. The unit has been purpose designed for […]

Boiler cleaning

Information from Clyde Bergemann Africa A boiler is a closed vessel used to convert energy into steam. The energy is derived from the combustion of fuel. The fuel can be anything that can be burned to produce energy in the form of heat. Multi-fuel boilers are boilers that are able to burn any combination of […]

SF6 switchgear training

With the revision of the fluorinated greenhouse gas regulations in 2009 there has been a need for users of SF6 filled high voltage equipment to follow and adopt certain measures. IPI is now offering a 1 day course which will cover the following: Properties of SF6; Applications; Environmental issues; Fluorinated greenhouse gases regulations. Handling:Entering substations […]

Remote monitoring of critical plant assets

by Terry Cousins and Luis Valentim, TLC Engineering Solutions Plant automation systems provide for continuous or near-continuous operation of machines with minimal manpower. As interruption in plant operation can result in significant financial loss, it is critical to monitor the health of essential equipment on a continuous basis and to be able to detect conditions […]

Integrated security systems reduce costs and increase efficiency

by Hans van de Groenendaal, EngineerIT Many organisations have a number of security systems in place to protect their investments, but the problem is that these systems usually operate independently. The obvious answer is the integration of the various individual systems to create one converged system which will reduce costs and be more effective than […]

The switch to white street lighting

There are many ways in which white light can transform urban centres –not only aesthetically, but also in terms of safety and security. by Maciej Debowski, Philips Lighting Solutions   Download the following pdf

WACS unleashes high capacity broadband

by Hans van de Groenendaal, EngineerIT The West Africa Africa Cable System (WACS) consortium has inaugurated the highest capacity submarine cable system ever to land in sub-Saharan Africa. The 17 200 km cable has unleashed a new wave of broadband capacity on the African continent, linking 14 countries. Please download pdf

Total station maximises work efficiency

The KTS-470RC, the second generation-Win-CE total station from Kolida, is small in size and offers increased performance at a very affordable price. Its Windows CE NET 4,2 operation system, onboard multiple assistant software and easy-to-use interface enables users to enjoy the benefits of simplicity and functionality. The product provides users with full flexibility in data […]

Bosveld news

ECA Bosveld-golfdag Die Bosveld-streek se jaarlikse golfuitdaging is op 3 April by die Zwartkops-buiteklub gehou. Dit was weereens ‘n reuse sukses en is deur almal geniet. Baie dankie aan ons borge wat die dag winsgewend gemaak het, aan al die spelers vir hul pyn en lyding, en dan ook aan ons personeel wat elke jaar […]