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Danie Potgieter

It is with sadness that the AMEU secretariat reports the death of Danie Potgieter who passed away on 19 July 2013. He was a well-known and well-loved honorary member and past president of the association. He will be remembered as a humble, friendly man with natural leadership qualities and a wonderful sense of humour. He […]

In support of the carbon tax

South Africa  is on the brink of introducing a system of carbon taxes, and in May 2013 the treasury published the carbon tax policy paper for public comment. The paper has indeed attracted a great deal of comment in the media. Predictably, all the comment has been negative, with criticism leveled against the tax proposal […]

Application performance management

AppDynamics is said to be the leading provider of Deep Dive application performance management for modern application architectures in both the cloud and the data centre – including ones that are distributed, agile, and extremely hard to manage. Easy to use, it can be deployed in minutes for monitoring both JVMs and CLRs in production. […]

LCOE provides a benchmark for future energy investments

Johannes Cilliers, First Solar’s managing director for Sub-Saharan Africa, promotes the concept of levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) to overcome the difficulty in accurately calculating the cost of power generation. The difficulties arise from the number factors that contribute to the overall costs. In its simplest form, the LCOE of a power generation source can […]


Jabra makes music more portable Music lovers can also enjoy the freedom of big sound wherever they are with the Jabra Solemate, a fun and multifunctional portable Bluetooth speaker that enables sharing of entertainment with anyone, anytime and anywhere. With strong, deep bass from an integrated subwoofer and rich, vibrant acoustics from dual tweeters, the […]

Offshore wind offers massive power potential

Floating turbine designs are cost-competitive with fixed-bottom designs in waters over 50 m deep. If challenges are successfully met, deep water wind farms could be operating within four years. Deep water wind turbines are key to unlocking the massive energy potential in Europe’s Atlantic and Mediterranean seas and the deepest parts of the North Sea, […]

Wits student develops space plasma propulsion system

The University of the Witwatersrand propulsion research facility. Moving satellites in space, either to increase their orbital height or to send a satellite into a deorbiting plane is a complicated operation requiring an efficient propulsion system. For CubeSat it is even more challenging, as physical space and power availability are limited, thus requiring a very […]

Embed energy efficiency into everyday life

Global energy demand is set to double by 2050 and, in this same time period, the world needs to reduce the CO2 emissions by half to avoid dramatic climate changes, according to energy management company Schneider Electric. The only solution to this conundrum is to improve efficiency, and to deliver an energy efficiency strategy, the […]

Preventative maintenance saves plant and the budget

Endress+Hauser’s installed base Audit (IBA) is a comprehensive and supplier-independent audit of the existing instrumentation installed base of a plant or process. The balanced maintenance strategy development methodology has four main steps: Inventory and documentation (database); evaluation (process criticality assignment); asset maintainability assessment (risk of maintainability assessment); recommendations and reporting through consultation with the plant […]

New equipment for effective lighting solutions

Eurolux has acquired a GO-2000 goniophotometer and integrated sphere which will allow it to provide lighting designers with sufficient information to plan effective lighting solutions using its products. The goniophotometer is a supermatic test system for luminous intensity distribution and total luminous flux measurement of various types of luminaires and lamps, including indoor, street and […]