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3,4 km heritage site illuminated

Beka ‘s Bekavia streetlight was chosen to light up the 3,4 km bridge between the Mozambican mainland and Mozambique Island (Ilha de Moçambique) for its performance and IP rating, according to the company. Corrosion resistance was another important requirement as the luminaires would be installed in an aggressive, salty environment. The product met this requirement […]

Why should electronic equipment be protected against lightning?

by Jonathan Palmer, PowermanUPS   Lightning strikes of a km or more away can cause damage to sensitive equipment as a result of induced voltages.   Please donwload the following pdf  

Chasing UFOs

by Don Talend, Topcon A National Geographic Channel team of UFO investigators used the Topcon IS-3 imaging station, which has both scanning and surveying capabilities, to conduct research at sites where UFOs have allegedly been seen. Please download the PDF

Paving system for major road building

England’s A46 highway has always been plagued by congestion and an above-average accident rate. Over the years much of it has been upgraded to dual carriageway, but one last 28 km section needed to be upgraded. Balfour Beatty were awarded the contract and subcontracted Lafarge to handle the four-layer, road surfacing. They were keen to […]

Experts Q&A

Advise on, among others, load calculations for chillers; extractor fans in toilets; double-pole switching for equipment; back-up for theatre curtains and calculating total load on lighting circuits. Download the Pdf

Improving food processing energy efficiency

by Jennifer Werger, Applied Industrial Technologies Food processing equipment poses some unique challenges for maintenance personnel. Wet operating conditions, washdown requirements, and chemical contaminants found in food processing facilities can require specially-designed equipment. The high cost of energy motivates the finding of ways to reduce the energy consumption by equipment and systems throughout a food […]

Advanced cables for robot operation

Smart manufacturing is the order of the day with companies increasingly choosing to automate processes to derive maximum productivity and eliminate error from their production lines. As a result, the call for specialised cabling solutions, which are suitable for robotic automation, is becoming increasingly important. Helukabel is said to be a leader in the field […]

Patent portfolios boost the competitive edge

by Dina Biagio, Spoor & Fisher A German luxury vehicle manufacturer attracted a lot of attention in 2006 when it advertised that it had “filed 9621 patents” during the development of its new model sedan, compared with NASA’s 6509 for the space shuttle.   Dina Biagio The hope, of course, is that the public will […]

UPS for office and home applications

Featured with a microprocessor controller design and built-in AVR, the AP series not only provides reliable power protection but also provides pure power for your precious electronics. The buck and boost AVR function corrects either under voltage or over voltage conditions without unnecessary battery drainage and extends the life of the battery. With a built-in […]