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CSIR researcher receives 2013 JD Roberts Award

The JD Roberts Award for emerging researchers has been presented to Alize le Roux of the Council for Scientific and industrial Research (CSIR). The award is a long-standing (more than 30 years) tradition between Murray & Roberts and the CSIR Built Environment unit. From left to right: Henry Laas (CEO of Murray and Roberts), Dr. […]

The design and application of ash handling pumps

by WA Clennell, 1958 From the ICMEESA archive Special ash pumps are used to dispose of the ash from large power stations. This article from the ICMEESA archive reviews the development of these and discusses special design features and limitations of this equipment. Download the Pdf

Software for joint use utility data collection

Data collection solution manufacturer, ikeGPS, announced the next generation of its OS and desktop software which were developed for joint use utility data collection. These new releases are key components of the group’s ikeSolutions Poles, used globally by electric utilities, telecommunication companies, and their service providers. Users can now create forms, ingest data, generate reports, […]

Solar power lights up park

Beka has provided a solar powered lighting solution to the newly-upgraded Kaalfontein Park in Midrand. The client, Johannesburg City Parks, required a lighting solution which incorporated an aesthetically pleasing design to conceal the solar elements and to reduce the risk of theft. Blueprint Landscape Architecture approached Beka with the idea of the “leaf tree”, whereby […]

Moisture measurements in power transformers

by Tom Dalton, Martec It is well documented that moisture in mineral oil cooled and insulated power transformers has detrimental effects. Doubling the moisture content in a transformer could have the effect of halving the life expectancy of the unit, dramatically reducing the expected return on investment. Download the PDF document

South Africa has growth prospects for renewable energy in Africa

Johan Van den Berg, CEO of the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) points to the rural electrification in Africa as a huge area of opportunity – not only for wind energy, but for all forms of renewable energy. However, South Africa is reliant on the necessary legislative support and investment. There are a number […]

Power developments in Africa

Algeria looks to renewablesAlgeria generated 42,8-billion kWh of power in 2010. Currently, more than 99% of this comes from fossil-fuel sources and less than 1% from hydro. The Algerian government now aims to produce 40% of its domestically consumed electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The country’s electricity and gas market regulator reports that the […]

Now lasers go digital

by Hans van de Groenendaal, EngineerIT   There is hardly an area of our modern existence that does not benefit from some form of laser technology. These range from devices for laser lighting displays in entertainment to office equipment such as laser printers, DVD players, barcode scanners; surgical technology in hospitals to devices for cutting […]

Land reform

by Leon Louw, Free Market Foundation All South Africans should be able to acquire and enjoy property, including land, with secure title and the right to hold, use and enjoy, sell, let, and mortgage it. The Constitution’s property clause recognises this entitlement to legally secure tenure, and charges the state to foster conditions enabling citizens […]

Analytical sensors with transmitter in the sensor head

by Wolfgang Babel, Krohne Analytics   A line of digital analytical sensors with integrated transmitter technology was introduced in 2013, making external transmitters superfluous, effectively eliminating one of the greatest sources of error in the measuring chain.   Please downlod the following pdf