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Boss of the year 2013: Ayanda Nakedi on leadership as a journey

  by Pierre Potgieter, EE Publishers Ayanda Nakedi, senior general manager of Eskom’s Renewables Unit, has been awarded the Dictum Publishers’ 2013 Boss of the Year Award, a national, independent award nominated for by the candidate’s colleagues and employees. Nakedi spoke to Energize about her award, her work, and her success. It’s an old school […]

Retirement in the workplace

There is no legal requirement which stipulates retirement age, but the age generally accepted for retirement is 60 0r 65 years. When it comes to retirement, there are four situations you could face: You have an agreed age in place and the employee has reached this age. You adopt the retirement age of your retirement […]

Results show a huge jump in revenue and orders

  ABB South Africa, a subsidiary of the global power and automation group, has reported a remarkable increase in revenue in its year-end results to December 2013 on 13 February 2014.   The company’s 2013 revenue jumped by 66% (compared to 6% for ABB globally) to R5,9-billion on increased demand for renewable energy, with 90% […]

Power developments in Africa, March 2014

  Angola invests in power generation and grid The government of Angola plans to invest US$23-billion in the country’s national electricity supply system with new hydroelectric schemes and an improved grid. As the second-biggest oil producer in Africa, Angola has tended to neglect building infrastructure in other forms of energy supply. Now it wants to […]

The Jacob Marley column: An alternative theory on service delivery

  Sir It cannot have escaped the notice of many that the good folk in several towns and villages throughout the country are daily on the march in some form of protest or another. Recently, the Bekkersdal populace (not Oom Schalk’s people, I presume), went protesting against municipal corruption and those in the environs of […]

Digital barometric pressure sensor module

  Measurement Specialties has released its new MS5637-02BA03 digital barometric pressure sensor module to production. This ultra-compact 3 x 3 x 0,9 mm micro altimeter requires only four large pads for operation, and uses I2C communication. At a highest resolution of 0,016 mBar, equivalent to 13 cm of elevation, this 24-bit ΔΣ ADC integrated digital […]

Multi-core processors for medium performance controllers

  Beckhoff  has presented a new embedded PC series, the CX5100. With the introduction of the latest Intel Atom CPUs, multi-core technology is now also available for controllers in the medium performance class. The 22 nm technology with the new Atom processors results in higher performance while maintaining the same exceptional thermal balance. All devices […]

Bus converter modules enable high voltage DC distribution

  New 380 V DC input ChiP bus converter modules enable high voltage DC distribution with 98% efficient conversion to 48 V at 115 W/cm3 power density. Vicor Corporation recently unveiled the first module utilising its converter housed in package (ChiP) power component platform. The new ChiP bus converter modules (BCM) supply 1,2 kW at […]

Demonstrating sensing technologies around a BLE communication link

  EBV Elektronik has announced sensorTAG, a product that demonstrates various sensing technologies around a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication link in a small form factor. This new release from EBV is a one-stop-shop with sensorTAG, a battery-powered sensor Hub, and an USB-to-BLE nanoDongle (9 x 17 mm). SensorTAG provides an industry-standard sensor portfolio (STM, […]

WLAN front-end module for high data-rate mobile device applications

  Microchip has announced its new 5 GHz, 50 Ω matched WLAN front-end module (FEM), the SST11LF04, for high data-rate mobile device applications. The SST11LF04 features a transmitter power amplifier, a receiver low-noise amplifier with bypass, and a low-loss, single-pole two-throw antenna switch for 5 GHz WLAN connectivity in one integrated, compact 2,5 x 2,5 […]