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Solar PV leads distributed power industry

  The distributed power generation market is set to undergo substantial expansion over the coming years, with its contribution to the global installed power capacity more than doubling from 190 GW in 2013 to approximately 389 GW by 2019, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData. Having achieved approximately 92 GW of installed power capacity up […]

Optimised ground-mounted PV installation delivers 8,1 MW

  Solar Frontier has announced that it will work with New Energy for the World (NEW) on an 8,1 MW solar power plant in Banwell, UK. Solar Frontier will provide a complete and optimised package of components, including black CIS solar modules, cabling and inverters. The modules used for this project are expected to deliver […]

High torque servo motor drivers improve performance

  ABB has enhanced its ranges of servomotor drives for ethernet-based motion control systems with variants which can substantially increase the speed of machinery and automation systems while also reducing bill-of-materials costs. By redesigning the drives’ power stage, the latest iteration of the MicroFlex e100 and e150 servo motor drives can now deliver peak current levels that are […]

Cost-effective dosing control valve

Mitech’s locally designed and manufactured dosing control valves accurately dose reagents into the flotation process in ring main dosing systems. Especially designed for each application, the valves monitor the process, reduce reagent costs and eliminate human error. The valves continuously monitor the dosing state with a 15 min. feedback. The medium is continuously circulated reducing […]