Archive for October, 2017

Latest data release chases coverage

Geospatial data provider AfriGIS’s 2017 third quarter data release has been a substantial one, bringing its searchable address database to 17 703 849 entries. This release has seen several additions that include 103 324 Street Addresses (NAD), 10 963 Street Centreline, 19 281 Land Parcels, 829 Sectional Schemes, 2653 Points of Interest, 136 Proclaimed Towns, […]

Judges request Tshwane/PEU settle “unlawful” prepayment meter contract and involve Accenture

Moneyweb has learnt that three High Court judges on Tuesday requested business grouping AfriSake, the City of Tshwane and its controversial smart metering contractor PEU Capital Partners to try to reach a settlement. This came on the eve of the hearing of a review application launched by AfriSake and aimed at having certain agreements between […]

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