Advancements in asset information management

September 4th, 2017, Published in Articles: EngineerIT, Articles: PositionIT, Uncategorised articles

Bentley Systems held a seminar at Emperors Palace on the east of Johannesburg in August to share its latest advancements in asset information management. During the seminar, Frederik Verhoef of Bentley Systems discussed the advantages of using Bentley’s AssetWise Connect Edition and JJ van der Merwe from De Beers presented how the company uses the software to manage its marine mining assets.

JJ van der Merwe, Martiens Pelser, Graham Irwin, Frederik Verhoef, Olly Long, and Stefan Mueller

Bentley Systems also provided other case studies in which its products have been successfully implemented, including the Oregon Department of Transportation in the US for a road project in which the objective was to develop a spatially enabled transportation asset management system that can be used throughout the agency and added to over time. Secondly, a water and wastewater project for South Australia Water needed to predict demand and optimisation of water across the network, improve analytical and decision-making capabilities regarding new infrastructure and reduce operational costs. The third case study that was handed out was for Danfoss global that required overall monitoring of its buildings and facilities.

The company’s latest offering, which was the main focus of the seminar, is the Connect Edition, which offers five subscription services that help owner-operators manage information to model and optimise asset performance. These are Asset Lifecycle Information Management, AssetWise Asset Reliability, AssetWise Operational Analytics and AssetWise Enterprise Interoperability. The Connect Edition optimises asset performance and supports an asset strategy for risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Built on a hybrid cloud-computing platform that leverages a common data environment, AssetWise facilitates the interoperability of multiple data sources, providing operations, maintenance, and engineering with accurate and reliable information, when it is needed, to make informed decisions, from capital planning through proactive asset maintenance. Aligned with asset management standard ISO 55001 and asset information standard PAS 1192-3, AssetWise ensures assets are delivering optimal value and meeting business needs. It applies information modelling and information management technologies to asset operations.