App integrates train and bus transport

February 1st, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The new Gautrain website and mobile application was launched at the Technology Innovation Conference 2018 held at the Gallagher Conference Centre. The platforms are user-friendly interfaces which allow users to register and receive relevant travel information online at their own convenience. The Gautrain website and mobile application offers a trip planning tool which assists passengers to plan their route. Passengers are able to locate their nearest Gautrain Station from their current location, or type in the address they would like to use to start planning their trip, provided their GPS location services is switched on. They are also able to locate the nearest bus, see real-time train schedules as well as the total cost of the trip. Passengers can also manage their Gautrain cards, claim refunds online, reload funds, buy Gautrain travel products passes, purchase bulk cards, view their transaction histories, check their card expiry dates and plan their trips in real-time.

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