BIM courses see uptick on continent

January 9th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT, Featured: PositionIT

The BIM Academy, a training partner to the BIM Institute, has reported an uptick in interest for its BIM courses, which it attributes to the need for professional leadership in African Building Information Modelling (BIM) rollout. In the past three months alone the academy has run the two-day course in Ethiopia, Mauritius, Johannesburg and most recently in Cape Town.

The academy’s BIM4Professionals course has proved particularly popular, and equips participants with the tools and training to run BIM projects, transition their companies into the digital construction age, and become compliant for BIM tenders.

Participants at a BIM 4 Professionals course in Cape Town 2017.

Participants at a BIM4Professionals course in Cape Town 2017.

Vaughan Harris, director of the BIM Institute and a driving force behind the BIM Academy, said that courses are not only software focused, since BIM is fundamentally a process, a way to communicate and a way of working.

The course outlines the roles of each player and discipline in a BIM project, from designers and architects to contractors, engineers, quantity surveyors and facilities managers who use the information modelled to optimise a facility’s lifecycle.

The course also covers best practices, explains African BIM adoption pitfalls, guides delegates as to where to find the best templates, team assessment tools and case studies, as well as equips them with the terms and overview needed to address BIM project questions.

Harris and his team also work to ensure representation from all construction stakeholders in the courses to entrench the value of combining different perspectives and information sharing that underpin BIM ideology.

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