An answer to new energy efficiency building regulations

April 12th, 2012, Published in Articles: Vector

The achievement of savings in energy consumption is a national imperative in South Africa as energy consumers ask what they can do to reduce their energy bills. Fluke has put together a range of test and measurement tools to address the problem. The new 430 series II power analysis analyses the power quality and calculates how much money is lost to wasted energy. With this, the 376 clamp meter is used to measure current while distinguishing the load; and the P3 range of thermal imagers for scanning the building envelope to build up a baseline picture of the energy lost through poor insulation via doors, windows, roofs, ceiling boards, light fittings, airconditioning ducts and pipes. Once buildings are properly insulated the more there is a need to test and regulate the air quality within.  Fluke’s comprehensive range of indoor air quality instruments include the 975 air meter, 922 airflow meter, 971 temperature humidity meter, and the 983 particle counter. Fluke’s 6000 series portable appliance testers (PAT) then verify the electrical safety and operation of appliances to address the final requirement of the section of the regulation that governs the safety of appliances used in buildings.

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