Test leads featuring a manually adjustable guard

March 22nd, 2012, Published in Articles: Vector

Fluke’s new ultra-rugged TL 175 TwistGuard test leads feature a manually adjustable guard. The patented TwistGuard extendable tip shroud meets the highest electrical safety requirements to reduce tip exposure while providing the versatility needed for most measurements. Simply twisting the test lead cuts the exposed probe tip length from 19 to 4 mm. Extra-heavy duty strain relief on both probe-end and plug-end has, remarkably, tested beyond 30 000 bends without failure! WearGuard double insulated silicone leads ensure added safety as each lead has two silicone insulation layers: red or black on the outside and white inside. Any white showing through warns of nicks or scuffs in the insulation. The double insulation also means they can withstand high temperatures and remain flexible in cold temperatures. The leads are CAT II 1000 V (extended) or CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V safety rated (retracted).

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