High bandwidth oscilloscope

April 20th, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

LeCroy has launched their new LabMaster 10 Zi, which improves standard oscilloscope features, and, through its modular design, provides a simple upgrade path in bandwidth and channel count. The ChannelSync feature ensures precise synchronisation of all channels using a single-distributed 10 GHz clock and a single trigger circuit. The result is high timebase accuracy and an ultra-low 200 fs jitter between all channels. LabMaster enables the leading-edge technologies that provide enhanced high speed data transfer and communication – such as 28 – 32 Gbps Serdes, multi-lane serial data (40/100 GbE, PCIe Gen3), and optical coherent modulation communications. It’s also ideal for defence and aerospace applications where high channel count and high bandwidth are required.

Contact Val Verwer, The Comtest Group, Tel 011 608-8520, info@comtest.co.za  

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