Correction service now delivers 2 cm accuracy

August 21st, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Trimble’s RTX GNSS corrections technology can now achieve horizontal accuracies of better than two cm. Start-up times, commonly referred to as convergence, have also improved. Users can now achieve full accuracy in less than 15 minutes, and as fast as one minute in select areas where RTX Fast network infrastructure is available. This performance is achievable using the company’s correction service, CenterPoint RTX, delivering RTK-level accuracy outside traditional virtual reference station (VRS) networks, considered the gold standard for high-accuracy corrections. Corrections are available via an internet or cellular connection, making it a versatile service. With satellite-delivered corrections, users can perform a variety of positioning fieldwork in some of the most remote locations, without relying on traditional ground-based VRS networks or a local RTK base station to receive high-accuracy positioning data. As long as the user has line of sight to the sky they can work freely without being constrained by the geographic boundaries of a VRS network. Trimble RTX provides users the flexibility to choose the level of accuracy to suit their application needs from meter to centimetre level.

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