Design software refines 3D hydro workflow

April 23rd, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Carlson Software’s newly released Precision 3D Hydro 2018 design software provides users tools for precise engineering in 3D. This version introduces Dynamic CAD automated plan and profile CAD design documentation. It also has the ability to do hydraulic grade line, energy grade line, gutter speed, and by-pass design calculations in real-time. The software could be used in environmental assessments of large basin areas using point clouds and lidar to create TINs, including watershed areas, multiple time of concentration methodology, calculating weighted curve numbers and coefficients for pre-construction and post construction calculations by drag and drop surface textures. Storm pipe networks, channel design with linings, and culvert sizing is made easy with full HY-8 availability in the newly released software. Reporting options have also been expanded and now include custom PDFs, Excel, and HTML formats. P3D Hydro 2018 features include fast design with drag and drop options for selecting headwalls and end walls. Users can calculate runoff from surface models, move culverts and headwalls to new locations with full dtm restoration and choose multiple barrel options. The software runs as 64 bit and is multithreaded, meaning performance will increase with core count.

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