Detecting utility cables and signals with GPR

June 9th, 2017, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: PositionIT


Aciel Geomatics recently held a series of ground penetrating radar (GPR) training days for utility, municipal, construction and public safety management professionals at their offices in Midrand, Gauteng. GPR is used by utilities to record, manage and maintain assets; to avoid damage, associated costs and downtime when excavating; and to locate, survey and map utility services. Ground penetrating experts Phil Jarratt and Richard Fling from Leica Geosystems were on hand to provide an overview of the current market situation and provide details on the company’ GPR product line-up. The duo conducted practical demonstrations with the Leica Digicat xf-series, which are used to locate buried utilities in order to avoid damaging cables, and the Leica Ultra which is used for precision utility tracing. The DS2000 Utility Detection Radar was also taken through its paces, and in combination with the rugged Leica CT2000 field tablet and the iCG60 smart antenna, showed itself to be a versatile detection and underground mapping solution. Following the practical demonstrations, delegates were also shown how the cloud-powered Leica DX Manager can be used to manage projects, tasks and spatial data from one central dashboard for all the Leica Geosystems detection solutions.

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