Developing autonomy for commercial survey

November 8th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Fugro has signed a joint development agreement with L3 ASV, a leader in the field of unmanned and autonomous vessel technology, to create the next generation of autonomous vessels for the commercial survey market. The partnership brings together the expertise of both companies for the joint development of a variety of fit-for-purpose unmanned surface vessels (USVs). Delivery of the first USV, designed for medium to large-scale hydrographic survey applications, is scheduled for Q2 2019. Fugro believes that over time a significant portion of its marine business can be optimised through the use of autonomous and remote technology. This partnership aligns with their strategy to leverage technology to reduce offshore staff exposure and make our operations more efficient. L3 ASV’s sales and marketing director Vince Dobbin said the partnership could generate change throughout the marine survey industry, offering new ways to collect more data, more efficiently and safely.

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