eCoC now available to members

May 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: Vector

The ECA(SA)’s new electronic CoC is up and running. Exclusive to ECA members, this is a valuable aid designed to help members to save time and to make their lives simpler. The electronic CoC does away with laborious, repetitive writing of the same information, the uncertainty of what goes where and the search for numbers and information. All of this is now done for the contractor. With the electronic CoC, all the contractor needs to do is to enter the site information and technical details. You only need a valid ECA membership and an internet connection to use this tool. Contact your nearest regional office and confirm that all your information on the database is correct. You will then be given your unique username and password as well as further instructions. All completed and saved eCoCs are stored securely and can be retrieved as and when required.

Erika van Zyl, ECA national communications manager

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