The problem with SA’s nuclear industry

  My view on the proposed nuclear new build in South Africa is that the country has to get the planning right first. To this end, there should be a transparent update every year of the Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) and the Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity (IRP). Yet we do not even have the […]

South Africa locks onto coal despite water risks and grim market trends

  Credit: This article is published with permission from Circle of Blue, the news and science centre that reports on the competition between water, food, and energy globally.  South Africa’s allegiance to coal mining and coal-fired power generation in an era of rising concern about water supply and quality, and weakening national and global demand, is causing […]

The future of electric utilities discussed

  The electric utility business, which was mostly stable and predictable in the past, is now seeing similar technological and societal challenges as were experienced by the mainframe computer industry in the 1980s and the film camera industry in the 1990s; namely the need to adapt to modern technologies and customer demands. There are many […]

Conceived in the resource-rich 20th century, SA’s two immense power plants stumble

  Credit: This article is published with permission from Circle of Blue, the news and science center that reports on the competition between water, food, and energy globally.  Conceived in the resource-rich, ecologically stable, and capital-abundant 20th century, South Africa’s two immense coal-fired Medupi and Kusile power stations were viewed as reasoned answers to South Africa’s growing demand for electricity, […]

Africa needs to solve its own energy challenges

  Dr. Wolsey Barnard, in his key note address at the recent Africa Energy Indaba held in Sandton, said that Africa needs to address its energy challenges within the context of its strategies. Barnard, speaking on behalf of Tina Joemat Pettersson, the minister of energy, said that building a sustainable energy development plan, like the National Development Plan, the […]

Report on the economics of nuclear energy in South Africa, by Trusted Sources, UK

  We publish here, with permission, the summary and main findings of a report released on 14 March 2016, with a link to download the full report, entitled: South Africa – the economics of nuclear energy by Trusted Sources, UK Click here to download the full report (900 kB PDF file) Summary Over the past […]

WWF workshop held at Wits on the economics of nuclear energy in South Africa

  A one-day workshop, hosted by WWF South Africa and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung at the Wits Club, Johannesburg, on 9 March 2016, was attended by presenters, panelists and delegates deeply embedded in the energy sector in South Africa. Noticeably absent from the workshop, however, were representatives from any of the potential nuclear vendor companies, […]

Addressing SA’s voter registration crisis

  With looming local government elections and the country in an uproar over the current political leadership, it is immensely concerning to find the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) found wanting by the Public Protector, the Constitutional Court and the Electoral Court. While questions are being asked about the integrity of this once proud piece of […]

Eskom cries foul as NERSA rejects its diesel claim

  At a media briefing on 1 March 2016, the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) announced the approval of an average 9,4% electricity price increase for Eskom for the 2016/17 financial year, while rejecting Eskom’s claim for a higher tariff increase to compensate the utility for unbudgeted costs of diesel incurred during the […]