Electricity beyond the grid: accelerating access to sustainable power for all

  Energy transformation means the time is right for policy-makers to reappraise their approach to energy access. Advances in technology are rapidly changing the options available beyond the grid. Falling solar technology costs have spurred the growth of standalone home systems and are changing the economics of mini-grid systems.  Other technological advances are set to […]

SA Department of Energy in quandary as SunEdison files for bankruptcy protection

  After months of financial uncertainty, international solar giant SunEdison (NYSE: SUNE; OTC: SUNEQ), and some of its international subsidiaries, have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US on 21 April 2016. This uncertainty has seen its share price tumble from a high of US $33,45 in July 2015 to $0,34 before filing […]

South Africa on the cusp of an energy revolution

  A recent lecture on the democratisation of power generation and the outlook for utilities into the future, given by Shaun Nel of The Eton Group, gave interesting insight into the effect consumer expectations, big data and apps can have on conventional utilities, and indicated that the future utility should be focused on the needs […]

Geomatics Profession Act ushers in new era

  The Geomatics profession is a multidisciplinary sector of special competency required for the establishment and sustenance of geospatially enabled societies, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes. The thrust of positioning and geospatial information management becomes undoubtedly the nucleus of Geomatics practice and its continuous development. The principles of the Geomatics profession as […]

Karoo uranium, fossil energy development defies water scarcity and reason

  Renewable energy flourishes while South Africa leadership pursues risky, costly conventional fuels path. Credit: This article is published with permission from Circle of Blue, the news and science centre that reports on the competition between water, food, and energy globally.  It is fitting that the magnificent Karoo is the stage for another of the momentous energy […]

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