National SPOT mosaics released

  The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) released the national 2014 SPOT 5 Mosaic to the earth observation and GIS community at the CSIR, Pretoria on 3 June 2015. It also released the SPOT 6 Mosaic for 2013 in South Africa. Although the Spot 5 Mosaic is part of several earth imagery products available […]

Unanswered questions on Eskom’s price application to NERSA

  This article questions Eskom’s recent application to NERSA for an additional price increase this year, and concludes that if the Regulator is to grant any price increase at all, it should be no more than 6,15% rather than the 12,61% claimed by Eskom. On 30 April 2015, South Africa’s national electricity utility, Eskom, submitted […]

Domestic electricity prices of six metros and Eskom compared

  There is significant public misperception and confusion in respect of domestic electricity tariffs in South Africa. In order to clarify the facts, this article compares the domestic electricity prices of Eskom and the six largest metros in the country, namely City Power (Johannesburg), Ekurhuleni, Tshwane, eThekwini, Nelson Mandela Bay and Cape Town. Public misperceptions […]

Domestic electricity prices: Eskom vs. City Power

  There is a widespread perception that City Power and other municipal electricity distributors buy electricity from Eskom and then resell the electricity to domestic customers within their areas of supply with massive mark-ups and at significantly higher prices than would be the case if Eskom supplied such domestic customers directly. While the domestic electricity […]

Guidelines for the safe use of standby / portable generators on utilities’ networks

  In the past few months, many South Africans had to make peace with the fact that the country does not have enough generating capacity to meet the growing demand for energy. This admission has seen many households and businesses subjected to load shedding as the grid creaked under severe pressure and back-up generating capacity […]

Eskom domestic single phase tariffs: prepayment vs. credit metering

  Domestic electricity users often ask for details of Eskom’s electricity pricing and the options of prepayment vs. credit metering. The summary below prepared by EE Publishers provides the details in a digestible form. 1. Credit metering 1.1 Homepower 4, with an 80 A 1-phase credit meter: (typically supplying higher-consumption households with many electrical appliances) […]

Exploring the complexity of Johannesburg’s evolving spatial dynamics

  Changing Space Changing City: Johannesburg After Apartheid explores the spatial changes experienced by the city since the 1990s by combining “systemic, empirically grounded analyses of material trends” with interesting insights into the city’s mutating neighbourhoods. The book’s contributors are a mix of respected academics, practising urban planners and experienced policymakers. Editors, Philip Harrison, Graeme Gotz, […]

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