Reactive Power, the compensation specialists

  Reactive Power has rapidly advanced to the leading medium voltage (MV) power factor correction and harmonic filtering supplier in Southern Africa. The company is based in Johannesburg and operates throughout the Southern African region. The people forming the company have been serving the electrical industry for many years, going back to the late 1980s. […]

Energy sector crisis – the way forward

  The energy sector has been totally thrown into disarray following the near collapse of Eskom’s generating capacity resulting from a complex set of circumstances. Recent months have been marked by the roll out of massive country-wide load shedding, threatening industry and mining in South Africa and causing analysts to revise economic growth expectations downwards […]

The conditional transformer monitoring myth

  The truth is, there is no such thing as conditional transformer monitoring – it is vital to always be aware of the condition of every single transformer in a fleet (even less critical ones) in order to ensure that maintenance is delivered timeously, and that adequate preparations can be made for outages and potential […]