Renewable power generation leads to coal power stations closing

  The ongoing expansion of renewable energy is increasingly leading to reductions in the utilisation of conventional power plants. German power plant operator RWE Generation plans to shut down most of  its coal-fired power plants by 2017. Wholesale prices for electricity have been in freefall for some time, and are now at only around 3,5 Euro cent per […]

Ingula pumped storage scheme progressing well

  The multi-billion rand Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme has, like many around the world of this magnitude and complexity, suffered delays – not least the site closure ordered by the Department of Labour after last year’s tragic accident which claimed the lives of six construction workers. However progress has been made since the incident in October last year […]

African oil and gas: On the brink of a boom

  Chris Bredenhann, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC’s) Africa oil and gas advisory leader, presented an overview of PwC’s recent survey of the African oil and gas industries to about 200 delegates at the SANEA lecture on 12 August 2014. The presentation consisted of a summary of PwC’s report “African oil and gas: On the brink of a […]

New sales executive for Energize

  Shaun Austin has been appointed as the advertising sales executive for Energize magazine and the AMEU Proceedings. Shaun, who was formerly the sales executive for EngineerIT, is keen to get to know the power and energy sector and its players. Contact Shaun Austin, EE Publishers, Tel 011 543-7000,

Refocusing research into high-temperature superconductors

  Scientists around the world are trying to understand the phenomenon of loss-free electric power transmission by high-temperature superconductors. Materials which exhibit this effect at room temperature would bear huge technical potential. Symmetry changes in the electronic phases of high-temperature superconductors near their transition temperature have recently been attributed to doping effects. But an international team of […]