Power developments in Africa, June 2015

  Chinese companies invest in Equatorial Guinea The government of Equatorial Guinea has announced the signing of multiple memoranda of understanding with Chinese companies covering large areas of cooperation in the electricity and industrial sectors. These memoranda involve the planning and development of city of Luba, a feasibility study on the development of a new […]

Power developments in Africa, April 2015

Clean energy for west Africa American independent power producer New Generation Power International will this year break ground on the first 20 MW plant of a planned 200 MW of solar projects in civil war and Ebola-ravaged Sierra Leone. The company will work with the government of the west African country and a turnkey provider […]

Power developments in Africa, March 2015

  Kenya’s electricity prices fall The cost of electricity in Kenya has reduced dramatically as a result of additional power being added to the country’s national grid. The generation and injection of an additional 280 MW has resulted in local manufacturers having access to electricity at lower rates. The country is also set to spend […]

Power developments in Africa, Jan/Feb 2015

Solar power in Ethiopia Aora is planning to build a solar-hybrid power plant in Ethiopia. The project is tied to the country’s climate-resilient green economy strategy, in which the country aims to enhance access to affordable and environmentally friendly renewable energy. The goal is to provide adequate uninterruptible and grid independent power to support the […]

Power developments in Africa, December 2014

  Tanzania funds power expansion The government of Tanzania has allocated US$4-billion to boost electricity generation and supply in the country between 2014 and 2016. This expansion and improvement of the national electricity infrastructure is aimed in part at addressing the unreliable supply to tourist hotels which adversely affects much-needed tourism. Tanzania Electric Supply Company, […]

Power developments in Africa, November 2014

  Botswana renews diesel contract APR Energy says its existing 70 MW diesel power module contract in Botswana has been extended for a further 12-month period. The company has successfully supported the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), the national electric utility, through the provision of its turnkey diesel power modules since late 2009, when it was […]

Power developments in Africa, October 2014

  Botswana opens new coal source  The Minister for minerals, energy and water resources in Botswana has approved the transfer of title of the Mmamabula West prospecting licence to African Energy Resources. Analysis of extracted samples and geological surveys indicate that Mmamabula West contains 892 Mt of identified coal and 1541 Mt of “inferred resource”. […]

Power Developments in Africa, September 2014

  Algeria develops solar capacity A consortium formed by several companies in the solar energy field has won a contract to supply 233 MW of electricity by developing solar capacity in Algeria. Members of the consortium include Yingli Energy, Sinohydro and Hydrochina. The projects will be developed by SKTM, a subsidiary of Sonelgaz, the electricity […]

Power developments in Africa, August 2014

  Angola rents gas turbines APR Energy is to use GE mobile gas turbines to provide fast-track electricity supply in Angola. The deal represents APR’s first turbine project in sub-Saharan Africa, and quickly follows an alliance announced recently between the two companies. The new contract is for a period of twelve months. It will utilise […]