Hygrometer with invertable display

Michell Instruments, represented in South Africa by Instrotech, has announced the unveiling of the MDM25, a new portable relative humidity hygrometer. The device is a hand-held, battery-operated meter and is available with five different types of probes. The sensor responds to the changes in humidity and a thermistor measures the optimum temperature. Additional derived parameters […]

Electrical engineering firm opens local factory

Electrical engineering company AMP Control has established a technology and manufacturing facility in Johannesburg. The company offers electrical equipment including flameproof gate end boxes, substations and a wide range of transformers for use in the mineral and metal mining, industrial and utility  sectors. The company currently operates from separate facilities in Denver and Wadeville, but […]

Variable area flowmeters for liquids and gases

Kobold Instrumentation, represented in South Africa by Instrotech, has launched the KFR line of acrylic body flowmeters. Bridging the microflow and large flow ranges, these flowmeters can provide an effective solution to industrial applications, such as gas analysis and water applications. The unit operates on proven suspended float system, i.e. the installation position is vertical […]

Safety glow-in-the-dark tape for power failures

K-Sun’s photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark tape (Photolum) is a disaster prevention product used to mark items or emergency exits that may be required during a power failure. These include flashlights, tools, back-up power enerators, fire extinguishers,emergency evacuation route indication, and similar equipment required in a power failure situation. Providing high-level luminance, the tape provides long-term performance with […]

Brochure outlining contactors

Gigavac have released a new brochure outlining their expanding range of contactors. This includes: GX series of commercial contactors (800 V/600 A); MX Series (military specified contactors, 48 V up to 1000 A); MiniTactor (low cost sealed contactors up to 1500 V/50 A); HX series (high voltage contactors, 1500 V/350 A); Sensing contactors (voltage sensing […]

Protection for wound rotor motors

Wound rotor motors are typically used in applications requiring high starting torques, a limited number of operating speeds, or a stepped acceleration to achieve a soft start. Designed to protect wound rotor motors used on winches or overhead cranes, NewElec’s 330 Series low voltage electronic motor protection relay, when placed in the crane operator’s cabin, […]

Radiation monitors for Angolan custom officials

The OEN Enterprises’ section representing ThermoScientific radiation detection instrumentation recently supplied various radiation monitors to the Angolan Customs Department for use at their entry points to detect radioactive material. The order included interceptors, personal dosimeters, and sensitive radiation detectors. The company’s electronic personal dosimeter (EPD) reliably alerts personnel of potentially dangerous ionising radiation when working […]

Auto-focus thermal imaging cameras

Comtest has announced the release of a trio of new Fluke high-definition, industrial-performance digital cameras, the Ti400, Ti300 and Ti200, which are equipped with LaserSharpTM Auto Focus. While not new technology, Fluke has taken it a step further, producing perfectly focused images, every time.  Users of infrared camera technology rate focus as the single most […]

Universal isolated converter, splitter and trip alarm

The DAT 4530 is a universal DIN rail-mount unit which is able to measure and linearise voltage, current and resistance signals, as well as potentiometers and standard thermocouples and RTDs. After programming, the measured values are converted to a current or voltage signal on the two outputs. An output contact is also available as trip […]

Monitoring surge arresters remotely

Dehn’s condition monitoring system allows SPDs to be monitored remotely without going to site, saving valuable time and money. The compact DRC MCM XT DIN rail-mounted device is designed for condition monitoring of up to ten pre-programmed Blitzductor XT arresters (40 signal lines) with an integrated LifeCheck monitoring circuit. Integrated into the SPD modules, LifeCheck […]