University’s solar PV installation operational

  The Potchefstroom campus  of the North West University (NWU) has installed a grid-tied PV solar installation system comprising of 5 x 3 kW panels which feed directly into the engineering faculty’s grid. In addition, a 1 x 3 kW island system was installed close to the main entrance of the faculty to recharge the batteries […]

Cable protection for the entire life-time of a solar plant

  Solar modules are expected to last for 25 to 40 years in all weather conditions. Durable cabling is essential for a reliable and dependable installation. PMA’s cable protection systems, from Tank Industries, offers a range of high quality cable protectors. With more than 30 years of experience, expertise and on-going research, the company’s cable […]

Generation company supports renewable energy

  It is estimated that the time it takes a solar module to recover the amount of energy used for its manufacturing and transport is between 18 and 36 months. Since solar modules are warranted for a much longer service life than that, they truly do provide “free” energy in terms of the carbon footprint. […]