Transmission and distribution network grows

  Frost and Sullivan reports that Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, members of the East African Power Pool (EAPP), have embarked on regional interconnection projects in order to enhance the region’s transmission and distribution network. This is expected to foster cooperation between the countries and develop economic growth. Several major projects are underway including the US$1,26-billion, […]

Lightweight aluminium power transmission cables

  Helukabel has introduced Heluwind WK Powerline Alu cable – a cost effective and lightweight aluminium power transmission cable which is ideal for South African conditions as it reduces cost, simplifies transport requirements, offers ease of installation and even reduces the risk of theft which is associated with copper power transmission cables. The new aluminium power cables are […]

Alternative power factor solution

  The Elspec Activar offers an alternative to mecahnical power factor solutions. The device achieves fast and accurate power factor compensation even in the presence of harmonics. The product provides superior compensation than electromechanically switched capacitors as a result of its electronic switching technology which utilises advanced DSP and microprocessor technology. Electronic switching technology prevents transients typically […]