Stationary fuel cell market to undergo outstanding growth

  The stationary fuel cell market is forecast to show massive growth, climbing from $390-million in 2012 to $7,52-billion by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44,7%, thanks to increasing interest in this technology and the help of government subsidy programs, says research and consulting firm GlobalData. According to the company’s latest […]

Company wins €130-million contract

  Between July and November 2013, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Arabia’s electricity utility, awarded Alstom Grid a total of nine contracts worth around €130-million. Saudi Arabia’s electricity demand is currently rising at 8% per year, with extensive plans for industrial development by 2022, with six new major cities being built across the Kingdom. This […]

Partnership for supplying energy to remote African islands

  Of the world’s fifty-two small island developing states (SIDS), six are in Africa. They include: Cape Verde, Comoros, Guinea Bissau, Mauritius, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Seychelles. These countries range in size from the smallest, Seychelles, which is composed of 115 small islands representing the largest number among African SIDS, to the largest, Guinea […]

Importance of voltage measurements in motor protection

  Unbalanced voltages are unequal voltage values on 3-phase circuits that can exist anywhere in a power distribution system. Unbalanced voltages can cause serious problems, particularly to motors and other inductive devices. Typically, these voltages may differ by a few volts or more. When voltages differ excessively, problems occur. For general motor protection, it is […]

Solar-powered toll gates for Zimbabwe

  While South African taxpayers cried foul at their government for failing to explore all options on e-tolling, Zimbabwe raced ahead to lead the world with the first installation of 22 solar-powered tollgates this year. This solar power initiative falls within the country’s plan to upgrade its road transport services as part of an overall […]

Small investment brings significant energy and financial savings

  ArcelorMittal Saldanha Works in the Western Cape, a steel producer mainly for the export market, was recently praised by donor partners of the Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project (IEE Project) for the significant energy-efficiency improvements that it has achieved through its participation in the project. The plant served as a pilot site for the […]

Innovative solar powered electric geyser

  TFS Solar has developed a new concept in electric water heating: a dual element geyser. In this concept, the conventional geyser continues to be used, but with a new, specially designed and patented dual 220 V / solar element. This element requires no inverter or other control mechanism. In a typical application, four  photovoltaic […]

Company extends its range of sensors and components

  Omron Electronics, which manufactures over 1-million cylindrical photoelectric sensors each year, has introduced a new range of sensors and components as part of a programme the company calls its 361-degree approach. This programme offers three distinct lines within each component (power supplies, temperature controllers, timers, industrial relays, and monitoring relays) or sensor (photoelectric, fibre-optic, […]

Boiler company grows and diversifies

John Thompson, a division of ACTOM, has entered the Australian market, as well as increasing sales into its traditional markets in sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. The company’s first boiler sold into Australia was supplied in October last year. It was transported by road from the factory near Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, where it […]

Twisted and tangled cables – A thing of the past

  Shrink tubes and colour-coded self-laminating wire wraps from industrial printer manufacturer DuraLabel provide two proven solutions to marking and identifying wires and cables. Shrink tubes are made from polyolefin a very flexible, specially formulated cross-linked material with a low recovery temperature, 3:1 shrink ratio, thin wall, and high flame retardancy. Shrink tubes provide a […]