Improving power quality in real-life applications

  Poor power quality is one of the principal reasons for inefficient power usage and electrical equipment failure. Power quality refers to the maintenance of electrical parameters including voltage and frequency. Dips and spikes in supply voltages are common in many industrial environments and are usually caused by the switching on and off of heavy […]

Modern building management systems tackle efficiency of energy, utilisation

  Buildings must keep pace with today’s fast-paced business world. The widespread adoption of information and communication technology, including computerised building management systems, reflects this trend. But implementing new technology is not enough. Amid pressure to constantly improve performance, businesses are making increasing demands on their employees to be more responsive and mobile. Compared to […]

Dynamic reactive power compensation of container cranes

  Overall requirements for the reactive power compensation of a container crane vary based on overall crane size and container weights. These dynamically changing requirements affect not only the efficiency of the crane, but also put a significant strain on the local electrical distribution system. Download the PDF

Improving storage efficiency in electric buses

  The development of battery powered electric vehicles has been focused mainly on private passenger vehicles, while public transport seems to have been neglected. A reassessment of the journeys public transport vehicles make has led to the development of battery powered buses and bus rapid transit (BRT) systems. Several trial systems are in successful operation […]

Protecting relay protection systems

  Relay protection is designed to protect electrical equipment during emergency situations, but it appears that relay protection itself needs to be protected. How and from what must we protect the relay protection? Download the PDF

Energy efficiency tax incentives – some practical issues and concerns

  Regulation 12L was promulgated in December 2013 and is currently “open for business”. Let’s look at the facts and what this could mean to your company. The announcement of 12L caused quite a stir in the industry with Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and end-users alike, who have been awaiting the promulgation of regulation 12L […]

Electricity from wastewater treatment

  Recent developments have shown that it is possible to generate sufficient energy from organic material contained in a variety of wastewater streams to provide a significant portion of the energy required to run the plant. It is however, an energy intensive operation. Download the PDF document

Investigation of short-circuit analysis conducted at Kromco

  This article presents a short-circuit analysis conducted for the Kromco electrical power system using power system modelling, analysis and simulation software called “DIgSilent PowerFactory”. The main focus is determining the maximum short-circuit currents and fault levels at various locations on the network, and verifying the adequacy of power system components, to see if they […]