Solar solutions for low cost housing

  South Africa faces an immense challenge to address the backlog in the construction and delivery of quality, low cost housing. While there are a number of initiatives underway, there is said to be a backlog of about 2,3-million houses. Integral to the construction of these houses is the provision of energy for basic needs. […]

Energy efficiency in HVAC industrial applications

  Several industrial HVAC requirements differ from commercial building requirements and are not often considered in terms of energy efficiency. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is a major energy consumer  in commercial buildings and energy efficiency measures have been developed in this field. Industrial premises have special requirements which are more complex than commercial […]

Achieving optimal benefits with a demand response system

  Mention the word “Medupi”, and faces go red with embarrassment, angers flare and all kinds of comments and explanations are offered. The reality is that we need additional supply capacity, that we are facing all kinds of challenges to build new power stations and implement renewable IPP solutions. An interim solution to run concurrent […]