Understanding the cost of electricity from Medupi, Kusile and IPPs

  In order to understand and compare the cost of electricity from a power plant, whether it is coal-fired, nuclear, hydro, gas, wind or solar, one needs to look further than simply the capital, fuel or operating and maintenance costs in isolation, to a concept known as the “levelised cost of electricity” over the lifetime […]

Developments for improved internal combustion gas engines

  Reciprocating internal combustion engine-based generators are among the most mature distributed generation technologies available, accounting for a high percentage distributed generation installations. With the promise of cheaper and abundant gas supplies, gas fired internal combustion engines are being used increasingly for power generation, especially from renewable gas sources. Although the basic internal combustion engine […]

Rail system gives a new slant to gravity energy storage

  Advanced rail energy storage (ARES) are developing a gravity based energy storage system which uses above-ground plant consisting of railway lines and loaded shuttle rail trucks. The system is claimed to be able to provide both active and reactive power in wide range of capacities, at a lower cost than pumped water storage (PWS). […]

Rosatom to launch world’s first floating nuclear power plant

  In 2019 the world’s first floating nuclear power plant “Akademik Lomonosov” will begin operation in the most northern part of Russia. But in reality it can be operated anywhere around the world. The floating nuclear power plant is a mobile power unit, providing energy generation where and when needed. “Akademik Lomonosov” producers above 70 […]

Railway solution for grid-scale energy storage

  Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES) developed a new storage system for potential energy, which uses gravity, railway lines, shuttles and concrete, and works on a similar concept as a pumped storage hydropower system. The system provides a solution for grid-scale energy storage. The company’s mission is to enable the electric grid to integrate clean, […]