Toward universal energy access: Designing a new household electrification strategy for SA

  Over the past two decades, South Africa has achieved a significant level of electrification: 76% of all households now have access to largely grid-connected power, up from 34% in 1994. Despite successes, the country’s Department of Energy (DoE) and its delivery partners face several barriers to electrifying the remaining backlog of 3,4-million households. In […]

Replacing a HV mining substation with a modular design

  Mining sites are often located in some of the most inhospitable and logistically challenging areas of the world. Mining operators are increasingly turning to the modular “e-house” design for their electrical systems to overcome these challenges. TGood Electric successfully applied the concept to a 110 kV high voltage mining substation in central Asia. Located […]

Grounding methods in mission critical facilities

  Many factors must be considered when designing the electrical system for critical facilities, such as winders on mines, not the least of which is the type of grounding system to be used. Proper grounding reduces overvoltages, improves uptime, and isolates faults. Grounded systems offer many benefits over ungrounded systems [1, 2, 3]. When properly […]

Quantifying the benefit of network visibility on overhead MV lines

  This paper uses the simplified network reliability framework developed by Eskom to examine the high-level economic benefits of network visibility options. The relative economic benefit of different network visibility options and the order of their deployment is analysed. Eskom supplies over 4,7-million customers on more than 8000 MV feeders (i.e. 6 – 33 kV) […]

Implementation of phasor measurement technology at Eskom

  The modern era of power delivery is faced with many challenges due to decreased reserves, increased use of renewable generation, flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) devices, and changes in customer/load behaviour. In order to manage the risks introduced by these challenges, it is important to have near real time visibility of the health […]

Standby or auxiliary power generation set sizing

  With the decreasing reliability of the grid power, standby generators have become a common feature in consumer networks.  In some cases of high reliability requirements, fixed on-site generators are used as the primary power source. In other cases, where power outage during a performance or event is unacceptable, the standby plant is used as […]

Designing a high pressure feed water heater

  In a power generation process, the heat generated in the boiler can be used for heating purposes in other parts of the power plant in order to improve overall efficiency. A wide range of heat exchangers are used in power stations, some of which are feed water heaters, which are used to raise the […]

Thin film solar photovoltaic technologies

  The number of projects worldwide using thin film PV in preference  to silicon wafer technology is increasing, and record  efficiencies for different technologies are being claimed. Thin film PV continues to show advantages over other forms, both in manufacturing and performance. This article looks at some of the latest developments in both products and […]

Eskom’s energy and revenue loss management

  Energy losses continue to be a challenge for utilities globally, both in developed and developing economies. As a result of increasing production costs in the value chain, utilities have to manage these losses at acceptable levels. In South Africa the problem is exacerbated by Eskom’s generation capacity challenges. Losses incurred in electrical power systems […]

Improving power quality in real-life applications

  Poor power quality is one of the principal reasons for inefficient power usage and electrical equipment failure. Power quality refers to the maintenance of electrical parameters including voltage and frequency. Dips and spikes in supply voltages are common in many industrial environments and are usually caused by the switching on and off of heavy […]