Protecting relay protection systems

  Relay protection is designed to protect electrical equipment during emergency situations, but it appears that relay protection itself needs to be protected. How and from what must we protect the relay protection? Download the PDF

Success of biogas in Africa

  Biogas has huge potential in Africa. It can be deployed in remote areas in order to provide stable supplies of power. Due to the high cost of diesel and the unreliability of many African electricity distribution networks it is becoming a viable alternative for stable clean power. Biogas can be generated from a variety […]

Protecting pole mounted MV transformers

by M du Preez and WJD van Schalkwyk, Eskom Unplanned outages often occur as a result of transformers, drop-out fuses and surge arresters which fail during lightning storms. MV drop-out fuses with upstream feeder protection need to be properly graded to ensure correct protection during both lightning and power frequency faults. Download the PDF

The influence of HVDC transmission on AC networks

Information from Cigré The use of HVDC links between regions within an AC network is becoming increasing important because of the growing challenge of network development. The lack of public acceptance of new overhead lines delays the process. Therefore, more and more underground connections are considered inside AC networks to replace traditional overhead lines, operating […]

Air quality regulations – playing the numbers game with power stations

Recent media reports about Eskom’s plans to reduce its generating capacity to comply with the requirements of the minimum emission standards (MES) of the air quality act have caused concern about an already strained generation fleet. This article looks at some of the issues raised about the efficacy of compliance with new standards. Download the […]

Substation upgrading and refurbishment project

by Rui Marques, Roshqott Mogale City local municipality (MCLM) has awarded a R100-million project comprising the complete rehabilitation of 25 existing 33 kV and the construction of 13 new 33 kV feeders as well as grid reinforcement at the Condale main intake substation in Mogale City to a local company. Download the PDF

Energy efficiency tax incentives – some practical issues and concerns

  Regulation 12L was promulgated in December 2013 and is currently “open for business”. Let’s look at the facts and what this could mean to your company. The announcement of 12L caused quite a stir in the industry with Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and end-users alike, who have been awaiting the promulgation of regulation 12L […]

What brought about the Kriel crisis?

  That old familiar sinking feeling from 2008 returned with a vengeance with the threat of the shutting down of Kriel power station after 1 January surfaced. Just a few days earlier Eskom had to call on major industries to curtail their electricity consumption to keep the country’s lights on – and this is the […]

Small modular reactors: The ideal nuclear solution

  The cancellation of the pebble bed modular reactor project may have seemed to many as the end of the small modular reactor (SMR) concept. There are however, many projects in development worldwide, some of which are reaching fruition and which could provide an alternative to large plants, as they offer the promise of reduced […]

Electricity from wastewater treatment

  Recent developments have shown that it is possible to generate sufficient energy from organic material contained in a variety of wastewater streams to provide a significant portion of the energy required to run the plant. It is however, an energy intensive operation. Download the PDF document