Energize Inbox, September 2015

This month’s winning letter re: Renewable energy is the right thing to do Sir You claim renewable energy is “the right thing to do” (page 3, Energize, July 2015). Really? Since when was the supply of energy a moral issue? Yes, the REIPPPP has been a spectacular success, but let us not forget it has […]

Energize Inbox, August 2015

Our winning letter re: Installing renewable energy is not an indulgence, it is the right thing to do Sir I refer to the numerous articles about the successes of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement (REIPPP) programme which was launched in 2011 that have been written in the past. The most recent of which was […]

Energize Inbox, July 2015

Our winning letter re: Winter maintenance with little or no loadshedding? Sir At the end of May, Brian Molefe, Eskom’s interim chief executive, confidently vowed that there would be no load shedding this winter, starting on 1 June. A couple of days later the load shedding started. When I was a small child I took […]

Energize Inbox, June 2015

Our winning letter: Sir re: What is the cost of new build? With reference to the article by Mike Rycroft on page 9 of the April edition of Energize, I agree that the capital cost of some of the supposedly cheap renewable is high against this measure. I like the measure “capital per deliverable MWh […]

Energize Inbox, May 2015

re: Power ships: a real solution to South Africa’s short-term energy needs Our winning letter Sir The power ships article published on the Energize website on 20 April 2015, and now on page 20 of this issue of Energize, refers. In 2006 I was with RMB and we were part funders for the AES Lagos […]

Energize Inbox, April 2015

  re: Eskom must shed 1081 white engineers Sir The media recently reported that Eskom’s CEO said that the utility must shed 1081 white engineers in order to correct the demographics of the organisation. Although Eskom has backpedalled on these reports, following a statement by the deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa, it is clear that someone […]

Energize Inbox, Jan/Feb 2015

re: Loadshedding and the cost of unserved energy Sir If one were to ask an iron and steel factory whether if it would be prepared to pay 50% more for reliable power versus a blackout, what would its answer be? Similarly, how would a country or national economy respond to this question? The answer to […]

Eskom’s former maintenance policies described as “pure madness”

  Dear Editor I write this letter as a former Eskom executive to provide some insights from the past into the problems facing Eskom today. Eskom’s previously effective maintenance policy was dramatically adversely affected by a change during the chairmanship of Dr. John Maree, who, against opposition from some executives, introduced a unique new approach […]

Energize Inbox, November 2014

  This month’s letters include a concern regarding Eskom’s transmission plans and a response to last month’s Jacob Marley column. Send your letters to: energize@ee.co.za   re: Eskom’s transmission plans Sir We are fast approaching an endgame in the electricity supply industry (ESI) and how the Department of Energy (DoE) and other stakeholders choose (or are forced) […]