The SKA benefits from UK investment

SKA – the world’s next great science project, after the International Space Station and the Large Hadron Collider The UK Science Minister, the Rt. Hon. David Willetts announced funding of £100-million for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, in a recent speech at Jodrell Bank Observatory. The emblematic observatory hosts the headquarters of the SKA Organisation, which […]

African partner countries commit to SKA

  by Hans van de Groenendaal, features editor, EngineerIT “The SKA is putting Africa on the map in a very different way. It changes the perceptions of ourselves, changes the world perceptions of Africa and it offers opportunities for African scientists  to  enter into the cutting  edge of science and technology where, we believe, some […]

Kepler team finds 715 new planets

  Years ago, before the launch of NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, astronomers were thrilled when they discovered a single planet. Last month the Kepler team announced 715.  Kepler has always been good at finding planets. Even before the announcement, the observatory had confirmed 246 new worlds outside the solar system. The latest discoveries almost quadruple that […]

CubeSats deployed from the ISS

  A new fleet of 28 small satellites, called Flock 1, were deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) on 11 February 2014 by the small satellite orbital deployer (SSOD), in the grasp of the Kibo laboratory robotic arm. The NanoRacks deployer provides commercial access to space from the International Space Station. The 28 CubeSats […]

AeroSpace and Beyond February 2014

  Coronal mass ejection from a solar flare that bypassed earth On 7 January 2014 active region 1944 on the sun erupted with an X-class X-ray solar flare accompanied by a coronal mass ejection (CME). A severe space weather warning was issued by the Regional Space Weather Centre of the International Space Environment Service (ISES) […]

Local lad to travel to the edge of space

Mandla Maseko is the first black South African going into space after winning an Axe competition and then being selected among thousands of hopefuls to attend the Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA), with the eventual opportunity of going into space. While at the AASA, Mandla engaged in a series of missions that gave all recruits […]

NASA Rover results include first age-measurement on Mars, and helps human exploration

NASA’s Curiosity rover is providing vital insight about Mars’ past and current environments that will aid plans for future robotic and human missions. In a little more than a year on the Red Planet, the mobile Mars science laboratory has determined the age of a Martian rock, found evidence the planet could have sustained microbial […]