Solar eclipse and propagation: More questions than answers for now

In August 2017 more than 600 000 radio amateurs, mainly in the USA, took part in a Solar Eclipse QSO Party (SEQP) in a coordinated initiative to research the possible influences of an eclipse of the sun on radio propagation. The solar eclipse caused a shadow of the moon traversing the USA from Oregon to South […]

Amateur radio science to draw students into astronomy

There appears to be a misconception amongst many young people that engineering is not cool. This may be because engineers are not stepping up to share the great things they do. The new developments in electronics and communication we all enjoy just don’t happen by themselves. They require the skills of engineers, scientists, and inventors. […]

Solar activity drop to affect shortwave communication

Over the past few years there have been mutterings about another solar Maunder Minimum which could serious affect shortwave communication. While at the time many solar scientists did not support the notion, they now agree that the world can expect an extended solar minimum period. This is bad news for radio amateurs but good news […]

Radio amateurs step up HF noise floor monitoring

It is a well-known fact that many new electronics devices becoming available on South African market do not comply with EMC and EMI standards. In many instances standards and regulations cannot keep up with technology developments often resulting in unintended interference consequences affecting radio communication. Some of the current developments include magnetic charging devices of […]