Gadgets4Geeks – March 2014

  High definition recordings Apogee Electronics has introduced a high definition microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Use MiC 96k to record vocals, voice-overs, acoustic guitar, piano, drums or anything in-between. The new MiC 96k, which features the same look and portable form factor as the original, now provides the ability to make higher fidelity […]

Gadgets4Geeks – February 2014

  When the environment gets tough When the environment gets tough here is just the phone that will cope in the rough. The Nautiz X1 is slim and lightweight, (less than 180 grams) It has a 4 cm special sunlight-readable capacitive touchscreen and ultra-durable Gorilla Glass. It runs on a 1 GHz dual-core processor and […]

Gadgets4Geeks – January 2014

Connecting your laptop to a large screen is now easier The rise of “TV on demand” has freed us from having to watch the latest and greatest TV shows at a particular time, with services like PVR and “catch-up TV”.  But, without an expensive Smart TV, these handy online services are only available through our […]

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