Waveguide power sensor with flange connector

  Agilent Technologies has announced the E8486A waveguide power sensor. Designed with a WR-12 flange connector, this sensor makes precise and accurate power measurements in the E-band spectrum of 60 to 90 GHz,  said to make it the ideal solution to meet the rapid demand in E-band telecommunication applications. The E8486A comes with an 80 dB dynamic range option, […]

Digital torque transducer interfaces directly with PC software

  Lorenz Messtechnik has developed a digital torque transducer which interfaces directly with PC software to log and record torque, speed and angle measurements. The DR-3000 series of rotating torque transducers are available in capacities from 0,5 to 5000 Nm, and are supplied with traceable calibration certificates and free PC data logging software. Founded in […]

Photoelectric cube sensor

  The newly developed photoelectric OI cube sensor from Ifm Electronic is distinguished by long ranges up to 800 mm for diffuse types and up to 15 m for retro-reflective types. For diffuse type sensors the range can be set precisely using the multi-turn potentiometer and is shown on a scale. Even under harsh industrial […]

Optical turbidity measurement

  To control and measure the quality of water, Assttech now offers the Jumo ecoLine NTU turbidity sensor. Particularly suited for water with low to medium turbidity, applications include drinking water monitoring, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, final wastewater inspection, monitoring of bodies of water or in fish farming operations. The measuring principle is based […]

New sales centres in growth markets

  Endress+Hauser will open up further important growth markets in the Middle East and Northern Africa with new sales centres. In early 2014 the Swiss Group established subsidiaries in the United Arab Emirates and in Algeria. For two decades the company has been represented in the UAE by the local representative Descon Automation Control Systems. […]

Switch on and go – new everyday thermal imager

  Unitemp has launched the new Testo 870 thermal camera to provide users with an entry level solution to everyday thermography. The camera has everything that is needed in order to take thermal images. The thermal camera is compact, easy to handle, and has a large display for a comprehensive overview of temperature differences while […]

Company extends its range of sensors and components

  Omron Electronics, which manufactures over 1-million cylindrical photoelectric sensors each year, has introduced a new range of sensors and components as part of a programme the company calls its 361-degree approach. This programme offers three distinct lines within each component (power supplies, temperature controllers, timers, industrial relays, and monitoring relays) or sensor (photoelectric, fibre-optic, […]

Open-source design environment for “internet of things” applications

  RS Components now stocks Arduino Yún, the first member of a new family of wireless products that integrate the open-source Arduino architecture with Linux. Arduino Yún, meaning “‘cloud” in Chinese, combines the existing Arduino Leonardo, based on Atmel’s ATmega32u4 8-bit microcontroller, with an embedded Atheros AR9331 Wi-Fi system-on-chip (SoC) running Linino, a MIPS GNU/Linux […]

Sensing and connectivity for Bluetooth low energy comms

EBV Elektronik has announced sensorTAG, an innovative product that demonstrates various sensing technologies around a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication link in a small form factor. This new release from EBV is said to be  a one-stop-shop with sensorTAG, a battery-powered sensor hub, and a USB-to-BLE nanoDONGLE (9 x 17 mm). It provides an industry-standard sensor […]

Radar sensors for detecting moving or stationary objects

  Banner Engineering has expanded its line of R-Gage QT50R radar sensors with four new models to reliably detect moving or stationary objects. Designed to meet flexible application requirements and weather conditions, the enhanced line of radar sensors is ideal for collision avoidance on mobile equipment, outdoor crane-to-crane proximity detection, high-volume parking and vehicle detection […]