Enabling process data to be used on the move

  Honeywell recently unveiled Experion Mobile Access, a powerful mobility application said to provide secure remote access to Honeywell’s Experion process knowledge system (PKS) through mobile computing devices. It enables field operators to view and respond to live information from Experion PKS while they are on rounds or inspecting the plant. Operations teams, including field […]

Flow computer for natural gas volume conversion

  RMG by Honeywell recently introduced the ERZ 2000-NG flow computer and gas volume corrector, providing a reliable and more intuitive solution for natural gas volume conversion in fiscal and secondary metering applications. Featuring a new graphical touch screen user interface, the new flow computer enables gas distribution, transportation and storage service organisations to accurately measure gas […]

Bespoke containerised UPS solution

  An engineering firm that fabricates mechanical parts for mining applications required constant and clean power to keep machinery running and prevent damage to equipment as a result of power outages. Erratic power supply in the area and frequent outages also resulted in loss of productivity as the systems are switched over to backup generators. […]

Dali-to-PWM signal converter for LEDs

Mean Well has introduced the DAP-04 Dali to PWM converter. Along with the company’s LED PSU, equipped with three-in-one dimming function, this new product makes Dali control possible on LED lighting fixtures. The converter is equipped with both Dali dimming and push-dim functions.  When connecting to the external Dali controller, it can convert the Dali signal transmitted from the controller to […]

Economical remote connection for controls

  Siemens has introduced three new communication modules for Simatic S7-1200 and two matching industrial routers with which remote terminal units (RTUs) can be implemented economically. The communication modules CP 1243-1, CP 1243-1 DNP3, and CP 1243-1 IEC connect the Siemens control via the telecontrol basic and telecontrol professional systems to higher-level systems or to […]

Variable voltage buck-boost battery-charging controller

  Linear Technology has announced the LT8490, a synchronous buck-boost battery charging controller for lead acid and lithium batteries, featuring automatic maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and temperature compensation. The device operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the regulated battery float voltage. The LT8490’s full-featured battery charger offers many selectable constant-current constant-voltage (CC-CV) […]

RF isolator with galvanic isolation design

The iSolate500 from Extronics features a unique, patented galvanic isolation design. The unit blocks all possible faults, including hazardous transients, and makes any RF output intrinsically safe. Fully certified for use in Atex and IECEx Zone, this isolator enables standard wireless equipment to be deployed in hazardous areas without the need for costly assessment by notified bodies. […]

New models of USB thermocouple power sensors

  Agilent Technologies recently announced the addition of two new models to its U8480 series of USB thermocouple power sensors. This series now comes with improved specifications, including an expanded frequency range to 67 GHz and a measurement speed of 900 readings/second. The U8480 series’ real-time measurement uncertainty feature, described as the first of its kind in […]

Programmable safety controller

  Banner Engineering has introduced the SC26-2 programmable safety controller for PLC-level capability and control without the programming complexity and steep learning curve of traditional PLCs. Designed to be more flexible and easier to use than other small footprint safety controllers, the SC26-2 uses safety function blocks, Boolean logic functions and a user-friendly programming environment […]

Lower list prices for submersible level transducers

  Lower list prices are now available for the KPSI models 501 and 500 submersible level transducers.  Their features include 2,54 cm diameter submersible level transducers, said to be highly accurate,  with SDI-12 digital output communication; a 316 stainless steel body material and polyurethane cabling for freshwater applications; titanium body material and ETFE cabling options for brackish […]