Four new boards with USB connectivity

National Instruments has announced four new R series boards (USB-7855R, USB-7856R, USB-7855R OEM and USB-7856R OEM) with USB connectivity, which help engineers add FPGA technology to any PC-based system using one of the most widely adopted buses on the market. These products, based on the LabView Rio architecture, are a result of the company’s continued […]

Full integration of terminal operations

Honeywell recently announced an update to its next generation terminal manager server software built on the Experion platform, offering full integration of fire and gas, closed circuit television, access control, digital video manager and enterprise building integrator systems. Terminal Manager R630 includes the industry’s first configurable workflows for faster set up, setting a new standard […]

Reed element for T-slot cylinder sensors

A reed element now also belongs to Ifm’s family of T-slot cylinder sensors for the AC/DC voltage range up to 120 V. The sensor’s response sensitivity to magnetic field changes is comparable to that of common electronic cylinder sensors. The Ifm sensor can be locked in the T-slot by its self-locking mechanism and the fixing […]

Support of remote monitoring and engineering by customers

As part of its VPS initiative, Yokogawa Electric Corporation has recently released an upgraded VPSRemote service solution for the remote monitoring and general and preventive maintenance of systems. The upgraded VPSRemote now allows users to link their plants around the world and provide operation support and engineering services from specified locations on the network. It […]

Programmable automation controllers

New Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 L2 programmable automation controllers (PACs) from Rockwell Automation are designed to meet the growing need for a higher performance controller in a compact and affordable package. Offering a 40% reduction in required panel space and the same capabilities as the CompactLogix 5370 L3, these controllers will help users build high-performance, more […]

Network utilising cellular radio technology

Athonet has developed a highly distributed and efficient network that utilises UMTS/HSPA, CDMA/EVDO and LTE broadband cellular radio technology but evolves it to conform to a “flat” architecture where all functionality can be flexibly centralised or distributed to the edge of the network (i.e. regional area, enterprise, airport, campus etc.). Communication between mobile terminals and […]

Multiservice field testing announced

Exfo has announced the extension of its Power Blazer offering to cover 10 M to 10 G interfaces, and rates including Ethernet, SONET/SDH and OTN. Adding to the modules’ existing 40 G/100 G capabilities, these functionalities are available as software options for existing 88100NGE Power Blazer modules, thus maximising customers’ return on investment. All of […]

Magnetorestrictive position sensors for plastics processing

For over 30 years, MTS Sensor Technologie has been a reliable partner for measurement and control technology in the plastics processing industry. Its absolute, linear and non-contact position sensors have influenced measuring technology of injection moulding machines, blow molding machines and thermoforming machines. MTS Sensor Technologie’s sensors for the plastics processing industry are optimally suited […]

Anything becomes your canvas

The Barco HDQ-2K40 and HDF-W26 projectors have made their debut at the Siemens 5C’s Gala Awards evening, where brand landscapes were projected directly onto the Siemens building in Midrand, JHB. The magical thing about these projectors is that anything becomes your canvas. The power of the Barco projectors lies in their ability to project onto […]

Distributed control system for small to mid-size process applications

Honeywell recently announced the release of Experion LX, a purpose-built distributed control system for small to mid-size operations with continuous and batch process control applications. Experion LX is designed specifically for smaller plants (less than 5000 I/O points, one engineering server and up to 15 operator stations), that require a control system that is easy […]