Battery-charging considerations for high-power portable devices

Cell phones are a good example of how functionality and performance have both increased significantly in portable devices over the last few decades. They have become more complex and can do many basic tasks as well as any computer. The extra functionality that has transitioned the smartphone from a phone-call-only device to a multi-purpose portable […]

Green power: Energy storage remains the weakest link

  Of all the new technologies being developed across the globe, batteries – or rather, energy storage – remains the weakest link in any system. Researchers are continually improving the efficacy of solar cells and wind generators but the question of how to store it for when it is needed most seems to elude the […]

Using soft ferrites for interference suppression

  In the field of electromagnetic compatibility several trends point to a growing necessity of EMC engineering. These trends, directed to functional upgrading or reducing cost, inevitably also contribute to an increasing level of electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions. The article covers general principles of EMC and EMC regulations, material specifications and EMI-suppression product lines. Applications […]

The true cost of storage

  When evaluating whether and what type of storage system they should install, many customers only look at the initial cost of the system – the first cost or cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Such thinking fails to account for other factors that impact overall system cost, known as the levelised cost of energy. The levelised […]