Effect of thermal stress on electromechanical components

by V. Lakshminarayanan, SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram and  Prof. N. Sriraam, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalor, India Many types of electromechanical components are used in electronic systems for performing various functions. The typically used electromechanical components in electronic systems are: switches, relays, connectors, cooling fans, motors, circuit breakers, fuses,etc. These components are called electromechanical components […]

Common power poblems and power protection solutions

  All systems, from home theatres and office desktops to enterprise IT equipment in data centres, are prone to downtime, damage and data loss, especially when left exposed without a proper power protection scheme in place. Equipment faces potential danger on a daily basis, whether from severe weather, poor voltage quality, or any number of […]

The elements of fibre cable management

As service providers upgrade their networks to transport high-bandwidth broadband services, an increase in fibre usage is essential to meet both bandwidth and cost requirements. But just deploying this additional fibre is not enough – a successful, well- built network must also be based on a strong fibre cable management system. Proper fibre management has […]

A competitor for graphene

  Graphene, the only one atom thick carbon network, achieved overnight fame with the 2010 Nobel Prize. But now comes competition: Chemists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have now developed a semiconducting material in which individual phosphorus atoms are replaced by arsenic. Ever since its founding in 1868, TUM has been at the […]

Battery-charging considerations for high-power portable devices

Cell phones are a good example of how functionality and performance have both increased significantly in portable devices over the last few decades. They have become more complex and can do many basic tasks as well as any computer. The extra functionality that has transitioned the smartphone from a phone-call-only device to a multi-purpose portable […]

Green power: Energy storage remains the weakest link

  Of all the new technologies being developed across the globe, batteries – or rather, energy storage – remains the weakest link in any system. Researchers are continually improving the efficacy of solar cells and wind generators but the question of how to store it for when it is needed most seems to elude the […]