Improving carbon superlattices for quantum electronics

  Researchers at the Nanoscale Transport Physics Laboratory at the School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrarnd (Wits) have found a technique to improve carbon superlattices for quantum electronic device applications. Superlattices are made up of alternating layers of very thin semiconductors, just a few nanometres thick.These layers are so thin that the physics of […]

What can FPGAs do for a renewable energy system?

  In typical renewable energy systems (RES) functionalities such as power conversion control and monitoring are implemented on custom-built embedded boards. This is done using microcontrollers/digital signal processors (DSPs) that have fixed architectures, often limiting the kind of functionalities that a power converter designer wants to implement in their system. On the other hand, field […]

DC/DC converters in extreme environments

  DC/DC converters are used in a wide range of applications. They compensate voltage drops in long cables, and they increase availability by decoupling circuits or establishing separate input circuits. The variants with protective coatings furthermore withstand challenging environmental conditions. In large systems such as bookbinding machines or bottling plants, long distances need to be […]