Simplify CAN-bus implementations with chokeless transceivers

  Chokeless CAN transceivers allow system designers to reduce size, cost, and complexity of CAN bus implementations while meeting stringent automotive EMC requirements. With the density of electronics in automobiles increasing each year, it is important to ensure that in-vehicle networks maintain a high level of performance with respect to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This ensures […]

Inductors for everything

  Electronic devices have been ubiquitous in modern life for some time. So it is perhaps easy to assume that everything necessary has already been accomplished in the world of passive components. As consumers, we are all well aware of faster computers, smarter phones, brighter and flatter TV screens, and an increasingly connected world. As […]

MOSFET power losses and how they affect power-supply efficiency

  Power-supply efficiency is a critical criterion for today’s cloud-infrastructure hardware. The efficiency of the chosen power solutions relates to system power loss and the thermal performance of integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), and other components, which determine the power-usage effectiveness of a data centre. Download pdf here