The IP communication revolution grows up

  The story of modern communications technology is often told in four chapters – Alexander Graham Bell invents the rotary phone; modems create uneasy voice network convergence; computers get their own ride with data networks; and voice is co-opted in a challenging period of  internet protocol-based convergence. But in the last year or so, new […]

Science organisations call for open data in a big data world

  Four major international science organisations are calling for global endorsement of an accord to help assure open access to volumes of “big data” that increasingly are the basis of research and policymaking. For the first time, four organisations representing science at the highest level are speaking with one voice and have committed to mobilising […]

The future of instrumentation – the software-designed revolution

The role of software in test and measurement systems has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Today, software is the most critical core technology in modern, high performance measurement systems because it is the only thing that can abstract the fundamentally growing complexity of those systems. However, simply running software on computer processors is […]